The Vow – Part 3

Up to day of our ROM


We had our wedding photoshoot in Perth. That’s where we spent the happiest days together for four memorable years. We just simply love the weather, the colour of the sky in Perth and that little blue boathouse next to our comapus which we used to pass by everyday to uni.

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We selected our theme to comprise of tiffany blue, pastel pink and white.

A big thank you to our photographer Bill Goh (Facebook) and videographer Sense Gallery (Facebook)

3159w 0258cThe Bride’s Attire
We had two dresses for my missus; one for the ceremony and one for luncheon.

The first dress is a custom-made mullet dress which is made to match the garden wedding.
The second dress is a simple white dress with bits of sequins from ForeverNew.

As for her footwear, we decided on a beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 pumps multi-colour heels.

The Groom’s Attire

I have decided to customise my grey suit to match with all my groomsmen. I have also another suit from Givenchy FW13 for the wedding dinner.
As for my footwear, we decided on Patent Oxford Shoes from Saint Laurent.

DSC_1047 DSC_1052
The Big Day
It was held at Eight Lido, Lido Beach in Johor Bahru. All of our close friends and family members were there to share this joyous day with us.
DSC_1109 DSC_1152 DSC_1164
 I know that she had always wanted a garden wedding, and I gave her this.
We will be hosting our wedding banquet together with my elder brother;s at the end of this year. My dad wanted it to be like this. I was really eager to having my solemnisation ceremony, just for me.
DSC_1215 DSC_1239 DSC_1253 DSC_1300
• The Vows •
Today, I take my place as your husband.
As we make one of two, whatever lies ahead, good or bad, we will face together.
We will respect each other, commit to live our lives together for all the days to come, for good & ill.
Distance may test us for a time, but I promise we will overcome it, like we always do.
Because I love & cherish you.
So, I want to share this world with you.
DSC_1347 DSC_1447 DSC_1559 DSC_1462 IMG_7489 IMG_3933

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