The Vow – Part 1

The Story
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We both attended the same high school, but it wasn’t the start of our story until uni days. After high school, we both left separately to Perth to study. It wasn’t love at the first sight! We had a mutual friend, Cheryl and was known to one another as Cheryl’s friend.
We kick-started the friendship pretty badly.We had bad impressions over one another. We were like “Oh, he/she is Cheryl’s good friend who is now in the same university as me.”
I first met her at the very first lecture of my freshman year. She was incredibly fashionably looking, but arrogant as a whole. She refused to even acknowledge my presence. Not a single hi or bye. And yet, slowly and steadily.. we talked.
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Well, the best part about studying abroad is that we get to spend a lot of time with our friends. We go out at odd hours and had such a happy life. We are inseparable. We did our assignments and had lunch together almost on a daily basis. I will then walk her home, which was only a few blocks away from the campus.
We chatted a lot of MSN messenger (don’t laugh! It was the good old days where MSN was far more popular than Whatsapp is today) every single night. I was drawn to her charisma. She is an incredibly caring, kind-hearted and down to earth person. And…. we started dating.
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Over the course of 7 years of our relationship, we fell apart and came back stronger, hand in hand. Early last year, I made up my mind to spend the rest of my life with her.
And so, the planning of the proposal begun! Take a look on what happened next.

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