Tek Nam & Sharon – The Great 20s

We both are a totally different individual as we come from 2 different small town which is one located up north and one down in the central. Hence we are hosting 2 separate reception for our families and friends as he’s the youngest in the family (the boys), while I’m oldest in my family.


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Where did the two of you meet….. and the courtship?

We met from work :p .  Apparently he said it was love at first sight. He came to talk to me at first and later on we chatted on MSN messenger and talked most of the nights. During the courtship, he did a lot of homework. He knew I was a beer drinker and I loved imported beers. So he would bring me to places that serves my favorite imported beer then, but he wasn’t a drinker. And I think… He was trying to make me drunk that day, but the rest is history! Hahaha.

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Ooh, tell us about the proposal. Did he went down on one knee?

It wasn’t a very surprised surprise. But he surprised me by bringing me to Koh Lanta for our 6th year anniversary. I only knew my destination when we arrived in Krabi airport. At that time, his whatsapp did not stop alerting. I knew something cheeky was happening. And it continued on till the next day and then I was impatient and peek on the notifications on the screen while he was sleeping. And one of the messages said “so how? Did she say yes?” And etc.

And so that night he couldn’t wait after dinner. We were at the villa chilling with amazing breeze. He went to the loo and came back looking serious. He asked if I was tired of this relationship coz he was. I was shocked at that, but at the same time, I knew what was coming. Mind you, there were no fancy dinner nor flowers in his hand or on a bent knee. But he said he’s ready and asked if I was. :)
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Who were in your team of people, helping you make your dream wedding a reality?

My husband, our friends and our family. I had an art director friend to conceptualize my photoshoot, a make up artist friend for styling advise, a director friend to shoot the pre wedding video and create our intro video, an editor friend and visual graphic designer to edit and complete the pre wed video, my bestie for advise when I come across any hiccups. The biggest credit would be my friend that help us to coordinate for the event night. And last but not least, our very dear families.

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 The Great Gatsby. Who inspired you? Was it a tough theme to work on?
My friend Zia Zia. I didn’t know of the movie till she suggested it. After I watched the movie, immediately I fell in love with the set and styling. I went sourcing through the net for The Great Gatsby. And I found out about jazz era and the 1920s. I’ve always loved vintage, headgears, carefree, parties, jazz, laces, fireworks, champagnes, n etc.

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Then I find references that is similar to the era and share it with my decorator. And with some ideas shared by my friends as well.
Your wedding gowns looks fantastic! Where on earth did you find these gems?
AMy wedding gown was bought (ready made) from Leeren. While my evening gown was made from a designer in Bangkok and improved by a friend’s friend named Gilbert Ng. I was inspired by a picture I saw in Pinterest!
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I had to turn to my make up artist (also my friend Laine Wong) for help when I received my evening gown. And it was a tight deadline for Gilbert as he has plans to go for holiday already. I picked it up 2 days before the reception! And got Laine to search for suitable headpiece to go with it!
Any bridezilla moments to share with us?
Hehehe… Nope! I’m known as the calmest and slowest person anyone could ever meet.
Lucky you! Did everything went according to plan?

It did! Have to thank my friend, Debbie for coordinating it. I got a surprise video from my epic girlfriends!

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Word of advice?
Keep calm and focus on what you would like to imagine your wedding to be. Law of attraction! ;) get your hubby, family and friends to help. Ask around. They will support you in every angle because they are happy for you and they would too look forward for the “day”.
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All of the pictures above were published courtesy of Sharon Chin.

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