Proposal at Datai, Langkawi – Thomas and Lowena

What’s better than a beautiful proposal by the beach in Datai, Langkawi?


After dating for close to 6 years, he had finally sealed the deal!

Quoting the bride-to-be,

“at seventeen i fell deeply in love with a boy who brought me strawberry donuts every other evening. last night nearly six years later the man he had grown into surpassed any of my most romantic daydreams..

…i’m engaged to my best friend”


“I have been best friends with his sister since high school but we only met when I first entered college. The earlier years of our relationship were filled with what seemed like a series of adventures: from meeting at our apartment lobby and taking (very expensive!) cab rides for our shopping mall dates, eating pizzas in bed at least four times a week until we eventually won a competition by domino’s and sneaking off for getaways by giving very vague excuses to (mostly mine) parents.

Suffice to say, we did a lot of growing up together and had been through many ups and downs throughout the crucial years of our adult life: from graduating Monash, struggling to find the right job and the sad truth of us growing apart when we both started making new friends upon entering the workforce.

It wasn’t always easy but it never felt difficult: during rocky phases of our relationship, we like to return to where we had our first date (BARBQ PLAZA), watch our first movie together (10,000BC) or just dig up that smelly old blanket he had in his hostel room (where we spent many hours cuddling under once upon a time) to remind ourselves of the little things that made us happy together. Despite being together for more than half a decade, we still find it surreal that all the things that we talked about over dinner or on our car ride home are slowly but surely coming true.”


The proposal was held in Datai, located at the Northwestern tip of Langkawi Island. It is a lovely placed nestled inside an ancient tropical rainforest, with a secluded white sandy beach facing the calm Andaman Sea.

The beach was set up with petals of roses lying on the ground with candles lit in a heart shape. Within the set up was a table laid with white linen, where they will dine under the moon and stars.


The cool sea breeze blowing and the sound of waves overlapping prove to be an additional aadvantage for a proposal. He presented her with bouquet of red, pink and white roses, which made it harder for one to say no!



“We had the luxury of having our own butler, were served a five-course meal. Thomas planned the proposal over emails with the hotel management and they were the most efficient, nothing seemed impossible. It was even an option to set fireworks! They were of great help to Thomas and even before our arrival at the hotel, the menu had been planned (seafood which was sublime), the photographer had been arranged for (and showed up at the doorstep of our villa the very next day with the photos in a CD), the bouquet of roses just magically appeared in our butler’s hands at the right was perfect and everything was very well planned. Thomas did not had to do a single thing and I suspected nothing.”



*The butler laid buns and butter on our table while we decided on their house wine to go with our dinner. It started with salads for us both, then soup..gave us lovely 10mins pauses in between meals to take in the view. We were stuffed after our mains and it took us another glass of wine before we eventually called for our desserts.

The butler placed mine in front of me and cheekily asked if I’d like to be surprised by their ‘house dessert.’ I opened the plate cover, saw the ring and the wine went straight to my brain when I started laughing and tearing uncontrollably. All I could remember was Thomas kneeling down reciting a speech and all I did was say “yes, yes, yes!” I was then given the bouquet of roses and the photographer we hired snapped some happy portraits for us both. ”

“It was a round diamond center flanked with smaller diamonds on either side, ring is from forevermark. We have been going ring shopping for the past year prior to the proposal but nothing seemed right until we saw this design in DeGem at Gardens. I tried on to get my size and the next thing I know, Thomas bought it and kept it hidden for at least a month before proposing to me.”


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