Signs that You Are Desperate for a Wedding Planner


1. Your husband-to-be threatens divorce even before the wedding

Bridezilla on the run! This would really such, and you need help. There are just reasons why wedding planners are there to help you. It is their second job to make your wedding an enjoyable process!

2. When alcohol starts becoming your dinner, regularly

I have hit that point of stress in life, where I drank .. regularly. One glass of wine, a pint of beer, a shot of vodka and this is when I noticed I needed help… not the shrink. Just a help to share my burden. Time to call in the big dogs for help!

3. Your friends don’t want to play with you anymore

That’s because you suck the life right out of them. All you talk about is the wedding disaster you are going through and complaining about it non-stop. Bla.. bla bla…. now, that gets really annoying and kinda boring for chicks who aren’t having their wedding any time soon. So, hire a wedding planner. You pay them to LISTEN :)

4. When you start questioning if you have chosen the right wedding dress

You start asking your mum, sis, cousins or best friends to have a look at the dress every other day and asking if you’ve made the right choice. You have to go with your guts! If you fell in love with the dress for the first time, stick to it.

5. When your sex life fizzles because you’re way so stressed about the wedding

I mean… wait until it’s the wedding night. that’s when your sex will fizzle. But if this is a problem before the B-I-G day, then perhaps you should take a break and let him take a trip down your aisle, if you know what I mean *wink wink*

If you are showing any signs of the above mentioned, go get help.






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