Size does matter… I’m talking about the ring!

Kanye had finally place a ring in Kim Kardarshian’s finger.

Finally. It took him a long long long time to decide if he wants to marry her. She had passed the whole pregnancy game and now mother of one.

I was reading an article recently, regarding how these celebrities are comparing the size of their rocks.

The most ridiculous size belong to Elizabeth Taylor, with a huge 33 carat diamond, which is now famously known as the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond. It  was bought by Richard Burton for his lovely wife. She has worn it in a number of her interviews, once with Larry King Live back in 2003.

Elizabeth-Taylor-Krupp-Diamond-ringNow, that is over the top.

Now, do you remember a few years ago when Paris Hilton was dating a Greek tycoon named Paris Latsis? He bought her a 24 carat, emerald cut ring, worth about $4.7million (About RM15million).  It was so large that she would complain about it being too heaby. So, he gave her a Cartier eternity band to wear when the stone became “too much”

paris-ringYes ladies. Start drooling. :)

Have you seen Beyonce’s ring? Jay-Z bought her an 18-carat, FLAWLESS diamond worth over $5million (RM16million).  They got married back in 2009 and now parents to baby Blue Ivy.

beyonce-engagement-ring-gettyFor such skinny fingers, that’s really a pain to my eye. I have fat, stubby finger. That gave me a legit reason to demand for a one carat at least, right? *wink*

Back to reality….





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