Performing for Your Guest. Yay or Nay?

It’s becoming a trend for brides and grooms to performance for their guests.

It could be a flash mob or just a performance! I personally enjoy watching them perform. They chemistry is just way awesome.

Do you remember Ella from the famous Taiwanese girl band, S.H.E? She is married to a Malaysian and had one of their wedding ceremony in Melaka. Well, suddenly, she strip off her knee length dress to a super short, sequinned red dress and started dancing with her husband. The video went viral, because: 1. She’s so adorable. 2. She’s just too awesome.


This is the video of Ella and her husband.

And this is of Anna Kendrick with Jake Gyllenhaal from the movie End of Watch

This is a youtube sensation :)

One important note: If you can’t sing, please don’t sing.

I dont mean to be rude, but I have attended weddings where the brides sings as she enters the dinner hall, with all the spotlights shining on her. Suddenly, her husband starts singing. It must be a miracle if both parties have the singing ability. The idea is, if your partner can’t sing, tell him/her. Don’t let them humiliate themselves in public.

So, if you are the fun and outgoing type of couple, I dare you to dance for your wedding :)




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