Kids Before Marriage?

Not everyone agrees with the idea of marriage.

“It’s just a piece of paper. A contract. Useless.”

I get their point, I totally do. Do you really need to sign a paper to spend time with your loved ones? If you truly love someone, all you want is to spend your life, growing old with them.

This marriage certificate allows you to steal his fortune away should he decides to cheat on you, I guess. But if you have kids before marriage in this country, your offsprings will be labelled as anak luar nikah. That’s not nice, is it? They can’t get a citizenship with that.


Look at Isabella Leong, she dated Richard Lee (the son of Li Ka Shing, a HK tycoon) for three years. She is/was a celebrity in the HK entertainment industry. Well, the interesting part is that, within those three years, she gave birth to three sons, a pair of twins (boys) and another son. The shocking part is when they separated shortly after the birth of the third son. So, where’s the wedding ring? Where’s the wedding bells? None chiming for this couple?

According to the media reports, she has been raising all three boys in Canada since the split. She was given a lump sum of money to relocate to Canada to avoid the press.

That’s not even a marriage. What do you even call this? Will this be a trend?




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