Coping with Wedding Anxiety

Worry not, because you’re not alone.

You would toss and turn in the bed, thinking of the 1001 things that could go wrong. Fret not, there’s nothing that a warm cup of lemon tea can’t manage.

1. My guest will not show up for my wedding

Hey! Malaysians may be known for being late, but they do show up! When I was younger (about 9 or 10), I had to attend so many weddings with my mum. Cousins that I’ve never met before, aunts that I’ve never heard off and yet all claimed to be relatives. Hey, my family name is Lim, does that make Genting Highland mine? Kidding. All I am saying is that there is a valid behind your mum and dad attending all of these unknown and unheard of relatives of yours. It is an unsaid tradition that the wedding couple will have to return the favour by attending yours. It’s customary. So, everyone will turn up.

2. Bad weather on my wedding day

Oh mother nature. You sure can’t win her. Always remember, the sun will shine after the storm is over. If you are having a wedding in KL, be prepared to start your dinner late as most of your guests will be stuck in the massive jam. And if you are planning a garden wedding, don’t forget to check the weather forecast. Even thought we, Malaysian, don’t really use the weather forecast. But hey, you don’t want to risk it.

3. I will trip on my wedding gown

Just yesterday, my boyfriend showed me a YouTube video of the modellings falling down during their catwalk. Wait, I’m not jinxing your wedding, or mine. All I am saying it, don’t worry. You will be fine. You won’t be strutting and walking so fast with a 9 feet train behind you. You will take your time, and you bridesmaids will be right behind you, supporting you, should you require it.

4. I will look ugly at all my photos

Please, please, please do a test run with your make-up artist. My sister definitely did not look her best on her wedding day and decided on doing her own make for the wedding dinner. So, the lesson here is to have a trial with the make-up design. *Not everyone looks good in smokey eyes. I tried and I looked sepet. :)



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