Portia De Rossie Weds Ellen Degeneres

I love Ellen Degeneres. And them getting married, is not new news. I know, I know. But they are so adorableeeee!

She is crazily funny. She is very humble. She is a fun, and loving person… that’s how it is portrayed in the television.

I just wanted to share some of her wedding photos because the photographer captured the beautiful love surrounding their relationship so well.

Ellen and Portia said their vows sitting cross-legged from each other. The simple ceremony was followed by a live acoustic performance and the cutting of the cake. The couple followed up the event with intimate photos on the front lawn with their moms and dogs.



Their red velvet cake are vegan based and it’s so pretty on the outside :) clip4_1_full


The wedding was officiated by a minister.

They all sat down on the floor, surrounded by pillows and ta daaaah… married!

tumblr_lrkyf4RuzZ1r3pwtjo1_400 cvr_people2_300 ellen_portia_album7

Ellen is like the most adorable gay person, followed by Neil Patrick Harris :)


Ellen_PortiaWeddingDay8-16-08124 ellen-degeneres-435

ellen-degeneres-pretty-in-pink-02 ellen-portia-wedding

The most beautiful moment of the entire event had little to do with how everything looked and everything to do with the loving gaze the couple shared upon seeing each other for the first time.


ellen-portia-wedding-ellen-letter-to-the-supreme-court-prop-8-0305-w352 porti-de-rossi-better-off-tedThey are not planning to have kids, but loads of cats and dogs. They would be such cute parents next time, should it ever happen :)




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