The Wedding Checklist: Seven to Six Months Before

  • Design and print your wedding invitations

This can be quite time consuming, from designing to sending it for printing. Addressing the card would be a lengthy process. Get family members on board to assist.

  • Start planning your honeymoon

This would be the best part of the planning. I did write an article some time ago on flight prices for some favourite honeymoon destination. Read more here.

  • Shop of bridesmaids’ dresses

Untitled-7 (3)


Photo credit to Keep Gallery

Allow at least 6 months for the dresses to be ordered and sized

  • Arrange for your mode of transportation


Photo credit to Bridal Car

You could either rent or borrow it from your friends or family. If you have a vintage theme, you might want to rent a classic!

  • Draw up a schedule of event and slot in each component

Prepare a schedule that consist of the time slot and activities (cake cutting, first dance, entrance)

  • Start shopping and preparing for wedding favors

For more door gift ideas, read our article on wedding favors. For more ideas, click here.


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