Beauty Myth Buster!

As your wedding date fast approaches, you would tend to be more careful with your beauty routine and your choice of food intake.

Some beauty myths are passed down through generations of women and seem to have taken on a life of their own. Here are a few of the most common, with valid reasons why they’re false.

Bad hygiene causes pimple



In fact, many people with pimples tend to wash their skin too hard and too often. This can strip oil from the skin and cause your body to secrete even more oil to compensate, leading to skin that is both dry and pimply. Wash your face with cleanser twice a day and rinse with water more often if you like.

Cutting your hair makes it grow faster



Your hair grows at the root, not the end. If your hair is short, you will notice it more when it grows. That’s about it.

You can make your pores smaller


You can make it look smaller by putting moisturiser surrounding the skin or by using certain pore refining lotion. But if the pore is clogged with a blackhead, bacteria or dead skin, it can stretch and appear bigger until it is unclogged. But your pores are not like windows that you can open or shut.

Sunscreen will protect my hair from sun damage



The surface of your hair isn’t flat, so it is almost impossible to get coverage you’d need onto each and every hair. What you can do to keep your hair soft and shiny after a day at the beach is to apply a leave on conditioner which helps prevent your hair from drying out and slows the sun from stripping the colour.

French fries, chocolate and other foods make your skin break out


Though it wouldn’t be good to overload with these food because it is full of salt, sugar or fat, no food has been scientifically proven to cause breakouts. If your face always breaks out when you eat those, it could be because of food allergy.

Shaving your legs makes the hair grow thicker



Shaving may make your hair look ticker when it grows back because the razor blunts the ends and your hair becomes more visible. However, you are genetically wired for each and every hair on your body and that’s all you get. No more and no less unless hormonal change or medication causes it to change


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