Honeymoon Destination and How Much Will the Flight Cost?

Planning a holiday trip, may it be for honeymoon or not, can be quite a challenge. There are so many things to cross check from the price of the flight to hotels. Budget airlines have the highest tendency to fluctuate all year long. Therefore, early planning would certainly help you get the price offer. This article would provide you with some flight information on the top honeymoon destinations around the world.

My favorite website/apps to use for flight search is skyscanner.net. It is able to provide you with a comprehensive detail on the travel timing, duration and transit details. The interesting segment of this flight search engine is the ability to source for the cheapest destination, if you have yet to decide where. For example, you can choose your department airport; say Kuala Lumpur International Airport and your choice of destination, everywhere. The search engine would then list down the countries based on flight price around the dates that you are keen on.

Picture13 Picture12 Picture11Santorini, Greece

My dream honeymoon destination comprises of many countries around the world, rather than visiting just one and ta dahhhh… honeymoon over. Santorini tops the chart because of the clear water and sandy beaches. The architecture of the buildings is extremely unique and mostly in white.

Picture10Source: Click herePicture9

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Flight Summary (Kuala Lumpur – Santorini – Kuala Lumpur)

Airlines: Qatar Airways and Olympics Air

Transits: 2 – Doha and Athens

Flight Duration: Outbound 20hours, Inbound 15hours

Price: RM4650/per adult


Germany is filled with not only history, but also with good things in life like beers and sausages. In Germany, you have to visit both Berlin and Munich to complete the i’ve-been-to-Germany tour. The capital of Germany is Berlin, therefore I would advice for you to head to Berlin first and then off to Munich.

Picture8Berlin (Source: Click here)

Picture7Munich (Source: Click here)

Flight Summary (Kuala Lumpur – Berlin – Munich – Berlin – Kuala Lumpur)

Kuala Lumpur – Berlin – Kuala Lumpur

Airline: KLM

Transits: 1- Amsterdam

Flight Duration: Outbound 15hours, Inbound 14hours

Price: RM3772/per adult


Berlin – Munich – Berlin

Airline: Air Berlin

Transit: Direct flight

Flight Duratino: 1hour and 15 minutes

Price: RM452/per adult

Male, Maldives

Maldives is wonderful place to go for a honeymoon. It is nearer than Europe, and more exotic than any other places in Asia. Do you know that it is the smallest Asian country in both populations and land area?

Picture6Source: Click here

Picture5Source: Click here

Flight Summary (Kuala Lumpur – Male – Kuala Lumpur)

Airlines: Malaysia Airlines

Transits: Direct flight

Flight Duration: Outbound 4hours, Inbound 4hours and 30minutes

Price: RM1824/per adult

Koh Samui, Thailand

Thais are the most wonderful people in the world. The hospitality that they provide is second to none. Koh Samui is an island of natural beauty. Unlike Phuket, Koh Samui is the destination to go to if you are looking to spend some private time with your husband. It is much nearer than Maldives, or Europe and equally peaceful.

Picture4Source: Click herePicture3

Flight Summary (Kuala Lumpur – Koh Samui – Kuala Lumpur)

Airlines: Malaysia Airlines

Transits: Direct flight

Flight Duration: Outbound 2hours, Inbound 1hour and 30minutes

Price: RM1150/per adult

Paris, France

Where else could be better than the city of love? With iconoic landmarks such as Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile next to one another, it is one of the most romantic destination I’ve been too. However, there are a lot of pickpockets. Legend once said that the academy of pickpockets is location in this city itself. Be carefully and pack wisely. Don’t forget a picture with the Eiffel Tower.Picture2

Source: Click here


Source: Click here

Flight Summary (Kuala Lumpur – Paris– Kuala Lumpur)

Airlines: Malaysia Airlines

Transits: Direct flight

Flight Duration: Outbound 13hours, Inbound 12hour

Price: RM2916/per adult


Airlines: Etihad Airways

Transits: 1 – Abu Dhabi

Flight Duration: Outbound 17hours, Inbound 20hour

Price: RM2576/per adult

These are just a few of my favourite locations in the world. If you have the time for a longer honeymoon, tour the world! You can find more information on the RTW ticket here:


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