Achieving Weight Loss Within A Short Span of Time

I am sure that at one point of your life, you have a failed attempt of losing weight or eating healthily. Standing on top of a weighing machine could really drown all the confidence you have, judging by the direction of a needle.

It was no easy task for Angelynn as she attempted to lose 15kilograms in 6 month, to prepare for the Miss World Malaysia. This is a challenge, set by your own discipline and goal. As embarrassing as it may be for me, I lost 7kgs in 6 months, late last year and have gained it all back within a short 3 months.


So, let’s steal a tip or two on her weight loss program!

JD: How much weight did you lose and how long did it take for you to achieve it?

AT: I lost around 15 kg in half a year.

 JD: What was the daily diet and exercise routine like for you?

AT:My diet is simple. Basically I stopped eating simple carb, taking off oily food. Whatever I eat, I steam or boiled it.  I stopped eating at outside because most of them I prepared my food at home, I even packed my food out to college. I go to the gym for 3-4 times per week, half an hour cardio is a must then lift weights. Each day targeting different areas like back workout today, legs workout tomorrow and etc etc..

JD:  The biggest challenge and motivation?

AT:The biggest motivation is because I was called fat, laughed by people. Besides that, I wasn’t confident for my body. I was always wearing the same dress for many times because nothing suite me well. Whatever I wore, I felt ugly on me. So I decided to make a change, I joined up gym and actually stayed home for quite a while because I was scared I couldn’t resisit temptation. After I lost weights, then I joined Miss Malaysia World to boost up my confidence. It took me a lot of courage for me to join pageant, because I was once before being so low self esteem.


 JD: What is your perception of a healthy body? Thin or curvy?

AT:I think a healthy body doesn’t matter you are thin or curvy or chubby, but if you are eating clean, exercising well, no health problems that means you are healthy. Thin or curvy sometimes depend on family genes, some people are born quite thin, they look skinny but actually they are far more healthier that the curvy people. So I think healthy person shouldn’t judge by their outlook, it depends really how is their lifestyle.


JD:  Any word of advice for ladies our there attempting to shed off some pounds?

AT:MOTIVATION AND DEDICATION. Most women complaint a lot about their body and weights but not doing anything with it, or maybe did for a week and stop for the rest of the months. I think if you want to lose some weights, first you have to change your lifestyle. As in the eating habits, sleeping time, exercise time… This all have to change. Let me tell you one thing, once you see you have results, although it is little result, this little result could make you happy and you feel like you don’t want to stop it, want to keep going. That is how I manage to keep going.


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