We don’t need no Jimmy Choos!

You can opt for a long or a short wedding gown, but you can’t do much with your wedding shoes! Shoe hunting can be a delicate and painful process. Entering and exiting one shoe store after another with an empty hand could be quite frustrating. We all have our own idea of our dream shoes. Some like it high and some like low for fear of tripping over their own wedding gown! There are so many types of designs and colours to choose from, even white has a few tones to it!

Here are some simple ideas on how you could “fix” or “beautify” a pair of simple pair of heels.

Add Glitters to Your Shoes

Picture6 Picture8 Picture7

What you need is a roll of masking tape, LOADS of glitters, glue and a paint brush

  1. Tape the base of your heels. You  wouldnt want your base to be messed up, do you?
  2. Pour the glue into a plastic cup and add in all the gliter. Mix it thoroughly.
  3. Now, paint your entire heels with the glitter glue.
  4. Let it dry in front of a fan for 2-3 hours.
  5. Paint over with a layer of clear glue. This would seal the glitter to the shoes.
  6. Voila, and we are done!

Add a Touch of Ribbon

Picture5Imagine walking down the aisle in your long wedding gown, with a pair of wedding heels with cute ribbons on it. It adds a touch of simplicity and yet, sensuality to the design. It is easy to do and will save you the time and money from hunting for the specific design you have in mind! Just DIY at home, as many pairs as you  could wish for!

Wearing a Pearl Anklet

Picture3Weddings are synonyms to white, classy and of course, pearls! Brides would usualy pair their wedding gown with a touch of solitaire diamond neckalce or a strand of pearls. What about wearing a pearl anklet too? Not only would it act as an accessory the gown, but also makes your footwear sexier!Find yourself three strands of pearl anklet and wear them all together!




Add Some Crystal Rhinestones to the Heel

Picture2 Picture1

How about adding some sparkly little stones on the heels? It’s bound to make head turns! If you are a shoe fanatic, this is a must have. It is difficult to find the perfect wedding heels and gemstones heels are just not common enough in Malaysia. Just invest in a glue gun, some glue sticks and crystal rhinestones! A bejewelled pair of wedding heels!

These little ideas are easy to do and the materials can be easily bought in any art stores. Feel free to email me if you have any ideas to share at joan.dee@wedding.com.my

Happy shoe making!





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