Bringing Your Dog to Your Wedding

If there is anyone else that I could truly love to share my wedding day with, it would be my dog.


Throughout goods times and bad times, my dog would always be loyal by my side, licking my tears away. So, the big question is would you bring your dog to your wedding? They are  lovable creatures and everybody would love them! Who doesn’t ooh and aah when they spot a furry friend walking down the aisle with tail wagging!

Not only could you bring your dog to the wedding, get them to doll up and participate in the wedding photos. They are excellent props for photo shoots.


However, do remember that your dog is a sensitive creature and would require a lot of attention. Not all pets are people-friendly and easy to manage.


Things you need to know before bringing your pet dog to your wedding:

  1. They are afraid of loud noise and music But, if you think they are able to handle it, make sure they are exposed to those environments before the wedding day. Getting them customized to such environment would allow them to allow better during the real day. Leave him at home is he is shy because there’s where they feel safe.
  2. There will be children in the wedding venue and take note that some dogs enjoy gentle biting and chasing, especially with kids running around the venue.
  3. Make sure you have a dog handler and make sure they are constantly on the leash. We don’t want any broken china, do we?
  4. Involve your dog in the wedding ceremony but not the reception. The people walking in and out with loud music blasting would make your pet uncomfortable.
  5. Check if the venue would allow you to have your pets there.
  6. Bring a big bone to keep your pet occupied when required.

Make sure that your bridesmaids, groomsmen and guest are aware that there will be dogs on the venue. Inform them early to prepare them if they suffer from allergies.






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