The history of the wedding dress

Have you ever wondered why brides wore white gowns in weddings? Out of my curiosity, I did a quick check and this was what i found. The white wedding dresses you see nowadays were not what the brides wore long time ago.


During the Middle Ages, most weddings were performed due to political reasons rather than love. It does not only involve two individuals but it can be between two families, businesses or even countries. Brides were expected to dress to reflect their social status. The material and color of the gown depends on how wealthy the family is. Luxury materials like fur, silk and velvet are popular among the rich.

On the other hand, the poorer brides wore only their best church dress for their wedding. White is said to represent pureness these days but during the ancient time, blue was use to symbolize purity. The white wedding dresses were not one of the favourite choices during that time.

The trend was started by Queen Victoria who got married to Albert of Saxe-Coburg. Victoria wore a white lace gown for her wedding.  When the photos got published, many brides opted for similar dresses to honor the Queen.

The tradition continued till today, as the color white was assumed to represent virginity, although that was not the original intention.


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