Top wedding photography spots

Wedding photographs is one of the eternal ways to keep wedding memories. Some are gorgeously taken while some are just average. Everyone wants to have their own wonderful wedding album. Some may think that owning an album full of beautiful pictures cost a bomb. Actually, one of the most important aspects to pay attention to is the background and a little photography skills. These are the few well-loved spots for stunning wedding photography.


The beach is a wonderful place for photography. One can play with the natural lighting such as the sunrise and also the sunset. It depends entirely on the effect one wants to create. The sea breeze bestows a beautiful impact on pictures.

Hills and Gardens

Hills are great places to be photographed at with the wedding dress on. The picture is even better if the hills are grassy. The wind will add a breezy and comfortable feeling to your portrait, making it very natural and lively.

Tourist spots

Tourist destinations are famous with photographers too. It captures the lovely couple and at the same time, also publicizing the location. Some tourist places are picked because of cultural reasons. For example, a famous temple in Penang may be selected as a wedding photography background because the couple is of Chinese hereditary.

Hotels, Villas and Chalets

Some holiday accommodation has gorgeous surroundings or landscapes to be featured as the main wedding photography architecture. Magnificent stairways, grand pianos, spellbinding water features and many other highlights make great backdrops.


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