Handling your passive spouse

Your partner may be someone who doesn’t like to express him or herself, therefore making it hard for you to know what he or she is thinking. Sometimes it can be really frustrating because you don’t know what have you done wrong or what he or she wants.

The most important key here is to make your spouse loosen and open up. It can be really difficult for them to do so as they have always been like this since young. Sharing your feelings is not an easy task thus it is even tougher for a passive person.

First of all, you will have to verify the symptoms. Is he or she passive person? Saying that “I am fine” when things are clearly not is a very obvious sign. These people are trying to avoid talking about the problem hence bottling up the anger. Another sign is when the conversation between the two of you has reduced. She or he seems angrily quiet and disturbed. They tend to hide in bathrooms, kitchen or anywhere they can find to be alone. This is the time where they shed silent tears.

Let your partner know how this makes you feel. Tell him or her that it bothers and hurt you very much that he or she is not sharing what they have in mind but on the other hand, you told them everything. They should be able to understand you but do not be too pushy. Forcing them too much will only make them feel more reclusive.

Ask your partner to be fair and communicate with you. Break it to them gently and make them realize that if they don’t discuss what they have in mind, you will never know.

After you manage to persuade your spouse to open up, try your best to understand and give in if you think that the issue is not worth arguing about. Do not reject or turn them away every time they try to talk. If you do this, the next time you want them to unwind, the chances of you succeeding is like climbing up the tree in heels.


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