Choosing your wedding cake

The cake is an important character in a wedding. That is because the cake cutting ceremony is part of the whole process. Your wedding cake will also be featured in your photographs for memories therefore it should leave an everlasting impression. Here are some things you have to pay attention to when choosing a cake.

Size of the cake

The size of the cake will definitely depend on the size of the crowd. The more people attending your ceremony, the bigger the cake will be. You would have to make sure that the cake is big enough for everyone to have at least one piece. If you want to save some for those who are not attending, prepare a much bigger cake!


The design of the cake is entirely up to the both of you. It can be made to match the theme of your wedding or it can be the conventional one. Look through pictures of different cakes from different bakeries and confectioneries to get a rough idea of what you want. It can be a three layer pink and white cake with you and your partner’s figurine as the topper.


While it is important for the cake to look good, it is also vital for it to taste good. Try to get recommendations from family and friends whom had great success with their wedding cakes previously. Sampling the flavor before deciding can help a great deal. It could reduce the reason of worrying how it will taste like. If you could not decide on what flavor you want your cake to be, you can have all the tiers in various flavors.

Please take the effort to place your order earlier to avoid disappointment in any way. Bakeries usually require you to arrange at least a few months in advance.


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