How to maximize the pleasure

Sex is part of a marriage. It can either make or break your family. There are couples who divorce because of unsatisfactory reasons during love making. Everyone can have sex but enhancing the sexual experience is a plus point for the relationship.

1) Sexy Lingerie

What makes a woman sexier than usual? When she is dressed in garments that requires the man to ponder and fantasize. Sexy lingerie in lace, sheer cloth, satin or even uniforms, ought to do the trick. Now with renowned lingerie brands around, asking your man to choose which one he wants to see you in is a seducing task too!

2) Foreplay

Women are different from men. They are not so easily aroused compared to men therefore foreplay is essential. Men should not rush into satisfying their own urge hence neglecting their partners. A sexual experience should be an activity that is pleasurable to both sides.

3) Be adventurous

There are many styles or ways to make love therefore a couple should not just stick to one. If having sex is done monotonously every day, it will soon become a routine. Making love should not be a task. It is part of the physical contact that bonds both partners. Try doing it in many styles and ways. If one is unclear of how to do it, seek help from Mr.Google. I am sure he is the most convenient person one can get regarding this matter. Attempting to make love in the kitchen or car is a wild escapade but please make sure your children or mother is not around to walk in on you!

4) Talk dirty

Dirty talk is one of the ways to enhance one’s sexual pleasure too. Do it when you are not with each other. For example, when both are at work. Talking on the phone may be embarrassing if someone overheard you therefore sending text messages should be just fine. Sneak in some time to tell your wife how you are going to undress her tonight. This practice will make the night a much anticipated one!

5) Change the environment setting

The lighting and set up in a bedroom (or anywhere else one is having sex) is vital as it sets the mood. If the room is too bright or too noisy, it spoils the mood. If one can afford, fix lightings with adjustable brightness. This way, the level of brightness can be controlled according to the occasion.

Having heart to heart talks with your partner to find out what their hearts desire such as selected ways to have sex or seducing outfits is a way to ensure your love making process a bomb!


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