Exclusive anniversary gifts

Getting anniversary gifts for your partner can be a headache. Purchasing a gift but a wrong one can also cause dispute. On the other hand, if you do not get them anything, it may seem like you do not care or thinks that your anniversary is unimportant. So how do you decide which is the right gift? Here are some examples.

There are tons of gifts you can get a woman but what if what is there to give, has already been given? What about the male counterparts? How do you decide what to get him when presents for men are so limited?

1. Handmade roses

Roses are common gifts but handmade roses are special. One can fold roses using papers or even tissues. Pale colored tissues are sweet and impressive. If you have the time, try folding more. It’s bound to melt her heart!

2. Love coupon

Print redeemable love coupons just for your loved one. Coupons to exchange for kisses, hugs and even sex are deemed to be fun and electrifying. The coupon can hold messages like “Pink Lacy lingerie tonight!” or “One hour massage just for you!”. This is great for both men and women!

3. Homemade chocolates

Chocolates can be homemade too. Just get the ingredients from the Internet and add a little of your partner’s favourite flavor may it be Strawberry, Peach, Blueberry or even something extraordinary such as Chili or Pepper, (that is if your companion likes spicy food). Don’t forget the traditional heart shape!

4. Love notes

Try leaving small love notes around the house. A note on the fridge saying, “Remember to heat up the milk before drinking!” shows your care and attentiveness or a note on the bathroom mirror stating how beautiful she look even without make up on.

5. Award him

Awarding a person can show how much you appreciate that person. Get him a trophy stating “Best Husband” and “Most Loving Man” or something quirky such as “Best in bed”. That will definitely boost his confidence. Engrave his name and a short message that you’ll want him to remember always.

6. Remember what your partner said

Recall what your lover said yesterday when the both of you went shopping. Which dress she liked or which latest game he fell for? Buy those. Your mate will value what you gave even more when it is what they liked or wanted. If you don’t remember, the next time you go out shopping, do take note!

In conclusion, there is no such thing as a perfect gift, because everyone has their own desire and expectation of what a gift is supposed to be. You may be wanting a bunch of daisies now but after a month, you might want a bag. Therefore, one can only make a gift special by putting in effort and heart to make their love one happy.


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