The 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do At Your Wedding

You are walking down the aisle in a few weeks or maybe days and everything is almost prepared. You have put in so much effort to make your wedding the best but are you really prepared for the wedding day itself? What about actions you shouldn’t take? You should act your best because nothing shines brighter than the bride herself.

Rule Number One

Do not flair your temper. Everyone knows that you are the “Princess” of the day but do not throw princess’s tantrums. No matter how angry you are, try to let the feeling go. It is not only rude to release your anger for other guests to see but it will also make you look cranky in your photos. The smile you put on your face when you are angry is not as genuine and beautiful as the one you have when you are truly enjoying yourself.

Rule Number Two

Do not flirt around. You are getting married. Even if your best friend is a man, try to keep your distance in front of the guests especially your parents-in-law! It is not appropriate eventhough your soon-to-be husband approves of your friendship. Do not let your future-in-laws think that you have another man in your life. That would break their heart!

Rule Number Three

Do not get drunk. If you cannot drink, then don’t! One or two sip should not be a problem if you are not a drinker. Even if you are, never consume too much. You would not want to destroy your own wedding by saying that your grandmother’s favourite panty is pink in color with a Hello Kitty head on it!


Your wedding should be a situation whereby the memories are the sweetest. Thus, please do try to refrain yourself from doing something that you will regret and scar you for the rest of your life.


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