The Perfect Wedding Hair For You

Walking down the aisle is mostly a once in a lifetime experience. As a bride to be, it is only normal to fret over your dresses, makeups, bridesmaids, the venues and restaurants, and also all the other matters that require decisions. To sum it up, all you want is the best.  

Your hairstyle is also one of the determining factors to complete your look. How you style your crowning glory will either break or make your day. Here are some tips on how to choose the right bridal hairstyle according to your face shape.

Firstly, you will have to determine your face shape. Stand in front of the mirror. Tie or clip up your hair to prevent any strands of hair covering your face. You should be able to see the shape of your face. If you have problems verifying, try using a white board marker or any stationaries that can be erased once done, to draw on the mirror following the outline of your face. The shape would be very obvious now!

Round shaped face

If you have a round face, try not to wear your hair short. A longer do will be suitable as you want to elongate your face. Make the top fuller to balance out the head. Try to choose a design that covers your ears or it will make your face appear rounder.

Square shaped face

A face this shape suits short to medium length style. The style should cover the ears partially to create an illusion of a longer face. Curls are the perfect way to make the face look more feminine.

Oval shaped face

 An oval face is the most blessed as most hairstyle goes well with it. It can be long, medium or short. For a chic look, the hair can be pulled back sleekly into a ponytail behind the head. A simple do with curls for a chignon is also a wonderful way of styling.

Heart shaped face

This is a great shape for chin length hair. Bangs would also look great with your face shape. A chin-length bob with a short veil covering partial of the face will make you look stunning.

Rectangular shaped face

The illusion you want to achieve for this face shape is to make your face appear rounder. To attain this, try not to wear your hair too long. It will not do justice to your face shape. Make the ear and cheek area look fuller by letting your bangs fall to that length or wearing a veil that covers until below the eye level. 

Overall, choose the best hairstyle that suits you well for the special day of your lifetime. Spend some time determining your face shape and you will not regret it when you look back at your wedding album later in life!


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