Lively Performances for a Glittering Event

It will be hard to not notice the vibrant activities and events on the stage throughout the whole Sunday in Midvalley’s Exhibition Hall on Level 3. As we arrived at the venue, there is already an event on the stage, as the energetic host announced and gave away the prizes to winning participants during the De Palma Packages Talkshow. For this event, the organizing company, D’Organiser, had invited quite a number of guest performers, including the artists from ERA.

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And the stage performances are not the only attraction at the front door. The colorful ‘Kolam’ and the baby grand piano, each placed right in front of both entrance, are more than enough as attractions. And the grandness does not stop at the entrance. Magnificent would be an understatement, once you’ve noticed how much effort every participant has poured in to turn their simple booths into an actual wedding ceremony altar or a banquet setting.

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There are photographers, bridal studios, retailers and manufacturers of bridal accessories; though in the end, the ones that got most of the attention are the event planners, organizers, caterer services and hotel banquet services. Gilded chairs, ambience decoration, setting up of the ceremony altar, complete with gold or bronze ware, peacock feathers, miniature ‘kolams’ at their respective booths; not to mention the pastries and symbolic traditional food presented in their best looks, up for display.

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All in all, it is a fulfilling experience, whether if it is for those looking for a bargain, or those who are just tagging along to have a look at the latest trends this is definitely a fulfilling experience for everyone.


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