Earth Day- Eco-Friendly Tips for Two

In two more days, people worldwide will be celebrating a special day for our own Mother Earth. Earth Day, on the 22nd of Apr is to celebrate the greatness of the planet that has sustained us and various other life forms for millennia. For couples who are conscious about environment friendly, and would like to spend an unforgettable Earth Day moment, here are some simple tips that you can have a look.

Off with the Lights

As usual, Earth Day’s most significant action—turning off every light and electrical appliance at home, can actually provide for a nice romantic moment. A candlelit dinner at home, or just a little time alone under the dim candle lights is just as precious as a candlelit date in a fancy restaurant.

Sharing a Shower

While it may not be the best reason to save on water, but sharing a cool shower with your spouse, without the heater on, is another fun and passionate experience. Just remember to turn off the shower after coming out of the bathroom.

Sexy, Sustainable Lingerie

Fancy that bright satin undergarment trimmed with sensuous lace? Try to get one that not only looks good, but has the quality to last you for a few years ahead—organic cotton, hemp silk and other renewable fibres.

Forget the Car

Just for this special day alone (or others, if you and your spouse liked the idea). Forget about the car and instead go for the bicycle ala ‘Tian Mi Mi’ style. For once, you may realize why grandma thinks it most romantic when grandpa took her out for a stroll on his bicycle.

Green Gifts

A box of chocolate, a bottle of perfume or cologne, and various other little gifts, add a little more sweetness by getting them ‘green’—as in organic ingredients, cruelty-free sources and fair trade retails. It brings happiness to not only your loved ones, but others involved in its process as well.

BBQ and Outdoor Party

Earth Day evening is the best time to be spent outdoors, when all lights and air-con are switched off. You can make it as a family private function, or just a simple evening picnic for the two of you.

Take a Vacation

And not the shopping spree type. Try something that will bring you closer to nature, such as a stay at a resort, by the seaside or in the wilderness. Eco parks are a good choice, and the choices are abundant in our own Malaysian backyard—Bukit Merah, Borneo Highlands resort; or just the kampong back home. A breath of fresh air will definitely make each moment together sweeter.


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