The Colors of Auspiciousness and Romance

Red is the color of passion and love, as well as auspiciousness in the Chinese culture. Coincidently, Valentine’s Day for this year falls on the same day as the Lunar Chinese New Year. Thus, red is the most suitable color for the 6th Malaysian International Wedding & Beauty Exhibition, which is being held in the same month as both celebrations.

With a Touch of Auspiciousness

This time around, seeing that Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day are the upcoming events, we get to see displays of Chinese-themed gowns (cheongsam, embroidery etc) and bridal gowns with rose and floral motives (roses being the most popular flower during Valentine’s Day). Most of the banquet settings, especially those by Chinese banquet restaurants had incorporated classic Chinese themes into their designs and the menu, as seen at the participants along the Hotel & Restaurant Avenue. The long stretch of the avenue finally ends with HYT Travels, with various attractive New Year and honeymoon package rates all on display.

Fabulous Bridal Fashion Showcase

Banquets aside, the bridal fashion show is another main attraction, with Mon Liza Wedding Castle, and all time favorite Ivory Romance dishing out their best. Mon Liza’s show on Saturday was a colorful display of Victorian-style bridal gowns and evening ball gowns, complete with lace, flowers and ruffles; as well as classic cheongsam with dashes of glimmer and delicate embroidery; all in the brightest colors of spring; thus named its theme as the return of spring—a fresh start to all life forms.

Ivory Romance, on their Sunday show, gave us a brilliant performance as well. For the show, they’d invited celebrities Nasha Aziz and Peter Davis as guest models, along with Rhythm and Hits as the accompanying dance troupe. The range of their gowns on display varied, from conventional white gowns to cheongsams with a contemporary twist in designs and texture, plus shimmering figure-hugging dresses. However, the most eye-catching of the series are the red & black evening gowns and matching all-black glittering groom’s suit, which exude an air of darkness, mysterious and elegance.

Activities and Events

While the bridal fashion show remains the spotlight, other activities added more excitement to the overall event. Shills Beauty offered a live demonstration of their slimming patch and various other beauty products while giving out free gifts to the participants of the live demo, including a swan-shaped Swarovski crystal pendant.

During intermissions, Regal Orchestra presented the audience with a wide range of musical performances by a few live bands under their banner—the Chinese orchestra quartet with their classic Chinese love-songs as well as interesting Eastern-Western mix; the strings and keyboard trio of Hikaru with their all time English favorites; and a contemporary live band belting out popular hits and nostalgic oldies.

At the end of the day, most waited by all, is the Grand Lucky Draw Contest. Starting at 8:30pm, the contest will see 17 consolation prizes worth up to RM4000 and more, plus three top winning prizes, along with free album case, awarded to the lucky couple. Of course, the lucky couple, upon receiving their price, will be asked to complete a ‘task’ set by the host, such as singing a love song to his/her spouse, while the crowd cheered on for the couple., the official website of the event, had been invited as the guest of honor to draw the winner’s name and present them their prizes.

The Conclusion

All in all, it was definitely three fun-filled days for all visitors, and three busy days for all the participants. We certainly need to express our gratitude to The Concept Exhibition, for all their effort and creativity, in bringing us this successful event with all its interesting programs and activities.

However, this will not be the only activity that will be for year 2010, as The Concept will be presenting us with more events for the months to come, including the 1st Malaysian Baby Children and Parent Expo in the late quarter of 2010.


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