Love Forecasts for the Star Signs- 2010

Curious about how you and your partner’s outlook will be (as a pair) in this brand new year 2010? Well, has found some general predictions in romance for each and every star sign, starting with the first half of Aries till Virgo.


With the arrival of Saturn in the sector of partnership, there will be significant tests to your relationship for the playful Aries. A commitment or marriage might start to feel like a burden, or become boring. However, if you could work through this cycle of stiffness with your partner, you will be rewarded with a strengthened bond and deeper understanding, plus passion! An extra note, Jupiter and Uranus will give you a boost throughout the year!


You may encounter some frustration in love and relationship, as you may not be able to get what you want. However, with Venus, your ruling planet, will be retrograde in your house of partnership in October, this will be the most suitable time for you to wrap up any loose ends in the past with your partner. If you could, there is a chance and time for healing; if not, it is time for you to move on.


This is the time for you to take a clear-headed look into your love life, especially when Saturn, along with its restrictions, will be staying in your house of love and romance for the time being. However, you will also have the chance to explore greater depths of commitment in your relationship. Plainly, it will be hard work this 2010, and expect to lend a hand to your incapacitated partner.


As one whom treasures emotional security, this year, however, will bring about changes in the dynamics of your individuality and your role in the relationship. Both the Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse will fall upon your house of partnership; one predicting joy and love, the other of separation. It will indicate a new beginning, or new changes to the existing relationship, all depending on your personal chart.


Mars, the planet of sex and energy, will be retrograde in your sign, and wouldn’t turn your direction until later half of the year. Thus, you might experience a dip in your usual sexual performance, or lack of interest in it. However, Jupiter, the planet of Luck, will be in your 8th house of intimacy for most of the year; means you and your partner will get to venture out of your comfort zones when it come to exploring sex.


Exciting developments in your love life is obvious this year, thanks to a confluence of rare planetary alignments that will come at you from every which way. With Jupiter in your stars, it further means a good partnership for the start—good news if you plan to tie the knot this year. While it is OK to strive for the perfect union, over-cautious may see a good opportunity flying by.


Libra is a sign known for compromise and balancing, but this year, circumstances may force you to ask: ‘What about me?’ With Uranus in your house, you will experience a stronger urge to express your individuality in your relationship. Also, with Jupiter’s luck on your side,  your relationship might be heading for newer improved directions.


Year 2010 will be a trip down memory lane with your partner, as you rediscover the all the little thing s that had brought you two together. Though you may be feeling doubts and anxiety about loving and satisfying your partner, as Venus will turn retrograde during the later half of the year; take this as the opportunity to try something new sexually with your loved one. Something mysterious and exciting.


The playful, sunny one among the Star Signs, things will be relatively low-key for you this year. While it may sound boring, small trips here and there might just quench your boredom. But July onwards promises a delicious period with Venus, the planet of Love, and Mars, the planet of sex, will be in your house and blessing your union in amazing ways.


The start of the year may not be the start some anticipated. With the Eclipse in your sign, closely conjunct Venus, you will feel more inclined to look at yourself first; and initiate the end of a relationship that has arrested your own development. However, the solar eclipse on July might hint at the beginning of a new partnership.


With Mars, the planet of sex and energy, being the dominant influence in your relationship throughout the year, this might hint at a fight with your partner, or fighting for your love. If it is the former, a visit to the marriage counselor might help you sort out your issues. If your love is to survive, there will be a compromise that you both need to meet.


After a straining stressful year in 2009, you’ll finally feel as if you’ve ‘found yourself’, and with a relief, now that Saturn has finally left your house. After the stress and strain is gone, it is time for you and your partner to start mending the seams. If your relationship has survived 2009’s year of tests, then it will definitely emerge stronger this year!

Do note that all the forecasts above are only reference, and accuracy is not guaranteed.


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