Extraordinary Wedding Themes- a Vampire Wedding

Want something out-of-the-ordinary for your wedding? In this modern new age, superstition and taboos are no longer strictly adhered to, especially by younger generations. Wedding.com.my has found some rather interesting wedding themes which couples in other countries have tried, with great success.

The Vampire-themed Wedding

The debut of the Twilight Saga has probably reignited the wave of obsession with vampires and werewolves as millions of fans worldwide cheered for their favorite characters on the silver screen. So, if you and your spouse happen to be fans of the series, a vampire-themed wedding might just be the one for you!

How to get prepared

This is one theme where time period is not a must. You can choose from any style: Victorian, Gothic, ghostly, or, like the Twilight series itself—modern chic with a hint of darkness.


Depends on your overall theme—a ball gown dress for a Victorian era theme; a figure-hugging fishtail dress for a more contemporary look; or a chiffon Grecian robe for an ethereal, ghostly feel. Black, or any dark colors (deep purple, dark blue) with highlights in bold red should match the theme perfect. If you’ve just went to the recent November wedding fair, you might noticed a few QiPao (cheongsam) that fits the color palette and theme.

The groom might also want to choose a suit that matches the bride’s gown or dress—a frock coat for the Victorian style; a smart tux to go with the bride’s chic contemporary look. Or, if you both are fanatic fans of Twilight, get the exact suit and dress that Edward and Bella donned for their wedding !(though custom-made ones might require a budget on tailoring).

Food and Beverage

While most weddings will serve champagne, substitute yours with red wine and red sparkling juice (for guest who do not want alcoholic drinks). Stylish goblets (like those used in the Twilight movie) can be prepared specially for the bridal couple and the bride’s and groom’s parents.

For the food, add a touch of red or crimson—red-colored dipping or sauces (strawberry syrup to go with desserts, chilli/tomato sauce etc), or you may ask the restaurant/caterer for the menu to see which food you can mix and match to suit the theme. Rename your menu items with creative names also add to the mood.

And have fun with your wedding cake design!

Venue decoration

Starting with the floral arrangements, red roses are the easiest to get, or you may try other variety of red flowers: Amaryllis (for large blossoms), Heliconia, Tulips etc. Dark green foliage will go well with the red blossoms.

Decorative items (table cloths etc) in shades of red and black (velvet or dark purple will do if black is not available/ not an option) should set the mood. If you wish to, you may even have candle holders for each table—brass ones for the classic look; stylized ones for the more contemporary Twilight look. If you wish for quirky funny, Jack-o-lanterns might be an option!


For the playlist music, there is a wide range of soundtracks available—classic baroque instrumental, theme songs of your favorite vampire movies, or get that Twilight soundtrack CD!

A live band or a DJ is fine for live entertainment, though be sure to tell them in advance regarding the type of songs you want them to play, and their costumes. Or, for a more special, befitting one, get a magician to perform magic tricks on the spot. That should add a mystical touch to the overall events.

All in all, this will be a chance for you to work your creative mind and have fun, as there are unlimited ideas for this theme. For more conservative couples (particularly the parents or elders), it can be quite a challenge, and there might be compromises to be met. But, don’t let this put you off your plans. In the end, your wedding will always be for you and your sweetheart.

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