Tips: Getting the Best out of Wedding Fairs

In Malaysia, wedding fairs are held almost once in each month, or sometimes more frequently during certain months, particular those which are closer to perceived lucky days for weddings. It is a fact that wedding fairs are the best opportunity for bargain hunting, from bridal attires to honeymoon packages.

So, for those attending the 5th Malaysian International Wedding & Beauty Exhibition and the Wedding Fair at Parkroyal Hotel this coming weekend, keep these in mind:

Plan Your Route

Even in a small wedding fair, the participants usually number over 50, from bridal studios to various other services; and might be more than 100 in a larger fair. If you are one looking to save time and grab what you want, you may want to go through the list of participants, mark down what services and which brand name/ outlet that will suit your taste/ has a recommendation from your friends/family and head straight to the few outlets that are your choice.  By marking down the location/booth number of your target outlets, you wouldn’t need to waste time browsing around. However, if you are not in a rush, and are quite unfamiliar with each outlets, spending more time in comparing prices and style will be advisable, before you decide to book for any service.

Bring Along Help

Do not be afraid to bring your whole family out, or your whole gang of friends. In-laws, parents, even your fiancé / fiancée will be helpful in many ways—getting more free gifts, giving a second or third opinion on things (bridal attire, wedding cake/wine-tasting, choosing a venue for the banquet etc), or even in bargaining. Most of all, you will have extra names to fill in for the lucky draw, which increases your chances in winning the prizes.

Prepare a Bag, Paper and Pen

While most vendors usually provide you with a paper bag or goodie bag where you can put in all contact details, name cards and brochures, it is still better to prepare one yourself, in case they don’t, or the bag wouldn’t fit everything. It is also better to separate brochures from name cards, so that it will be easier for you to find at the end of the day. With your bag, you could bring along your camera or digital calendar as well, in case you need to take pictures of certain things, or might need to check your schedule should you plan to book for any services. A pen will allow you to jot down minor details such as prices, package items for comparison later on.

Prepare Enough Budget

There are some bargains or packages that are only available only during exhibition day. Thus, bring along your credit card, cash or chequebook (and make sure you have the enough amount). However, be sure to check out everything about the package before you put down your payment—extra hidden charges, terms and conditions, especially on items such as gown/suit alterations, ampoules and make-up accessories (where some may not be FOC in the package). Ask the staffs immediately if there are anything you’re not sure about the packages and agreement.

Be Comfortable and Open-Minded

Knowing that it will be a long walk around the hall, come prepared with comfortable shoes so that you wouldn’t went home with swollen toes or stiff knees. Also, bring along an open mind. If it happens that your choice of photographer had been booked for the day, or your dream gown is not available at your choice outlet, don’t fret. There are more choices down the rows of vendors on display.

All said, enjoy the fair and happy bargain hunting!

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