Sex, Intimacy and Magic

No, don’t get it wrong. We are not talking about mumbo-jumbos and curses. Whether it is today’s more open-minded society or the yesteryears of conservative communities; couples, especially Asian couples, don’t always realize the magic in their intimate relationships. It may be due to the taboo surrounding anything about sex ingrained in our own upbringing, that we usually overlook the finer details in an act that was considered a sacred gift to married couples, something natural; yet still being viewed as something vile.

Enjoying an intimate moment is not just about reaching orgasms, or just satisfying physical lust. It is a moment where the souls of each spouse connect with each other, expressing their wants, their emotions, their thoughts to one another, with touch, kisses, instead of mere words. It is the process, of feeling each other, bringing each other pleasure; that is the most precious, not just the orgasmic end. And it is in the process herein that the magic of sex lies in.

For couples who wished to improve their quality of sex life, to find the magic  within, experts have recommended a few tips that are save to try, and easy to get in action.

  • Make space for an undisturbed period of time. A locked bedroom is the best idea. Spend this time with your partner or spouse.
  • As both of you are together, take the time to admire, cherish and feel each other’s presence; synchronize each other’s breathing.
  • Try to hear each other’s intentions. Acknowledge any concern, fears or discomfort you may experience.

The main point here is, to be able to share and learn to feel your spouse or partner. Acknowledging each other—feelings, thoughts, even fears and emotions, is the basics in a bond of trust, further reinforcing a sense of security with each other. That is where the magic can be found.


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