Beautifying Your Home

A beautiful home is one that appeals to all your five senses: sight, smell, touch, sound and taste—all in harmony. And the following are some suggestions that you might refer to add the enchanting touch to your living abode.

In short, make your house smell pleasant, and it doesn’t have to be just air fresheners. Lighting scented candles and incense (provided there is someone is present to keep an eye on the flame); natural scent from flowers in the garden or pots, soaps, potpourri, or even from food (e.g. freshly-baked bread and cakes or cooked meals) and fresh laundry.

Anything that is pleasant to the eyes is allowed; though fresh plants and greenery are the best to cure sore eyes. Pictures and artwork (displayed in the right arrangement without clutter) are also a good source of inspiration. A small pot of lucky bamboo or cactus (even fake ones) could lighten up a drape corner, but if plants are not your favorite, pottery artworks will just do fine.

This will apply most appropriate on furnishing and décor, where you’ll usually come into contact with—rugs, curtains, cushions and sofa covers, or even wall paper. However, for rugs, carpets and curtains, it will be best to have ones that are not only comfortable to touch, but matches the theme and color of the room as well.


Décor ornaments such as wind chimes and water fountains (either garden-size ones or mini-bird-bath ones) sometimes create the most soothing natural sounds in the house, where the stress in a whole day’s work can be unwind with the soothing rhythms of flowing water. Or, make your garden bird-friendly with trees and plants, and each morning will be a lovely day greeted by sweet melodies straight from Mother Nature’s own talented singers.

This element would be the most important regarding the areas associated with food (kitchen, dining room etc), and it is important that the décor will go well with appetite (or improve one’s appetite). Fresh fruits in a basket or ceramic bowl on the dining table; clear jars of spices or snacks (cookies etc) displayed on the kitchen counter or cabinet racks, or fancy bottles of wine or sparkling juice on the shelf.


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