Merdeka-Day-Themed Wedding

In a few more days, Malaysia will be celebrating her 52nd Independence anniversary on the 31st August 2009. As for the lucky couples having their wedding around the month of Independence Day celebration, here are a few suggestions to add a touch of nationalism and patriotism in your big day.

National-Day Theme for Wedding Ceremony

Instead of standard wedding ceremony colors, incorporate the Malaysia’s flag colors and design into your wedding dinner and reception. The yellow star and moon as mobiles or confetti pieces; the red and white stripes stretched out as banners and ceiling decoration; you might even add in our National Flower, the hibiscus, in the floral arrangements.

While you don’t necessarily need to deck all the chairs and tables in blue, yellow, red and white, you may choose one of the colors as the main colors (yellow and white will be ideal, though Chinese couples may prefer the red), and use the other colors as complementary (blue napkins, yellow-gold cutlery and candles etc.)

Also, you may try adding in the national anthem and other patriotic songs in your playlist for the ceremony music.

Colors for the Attire

For a standard white wedding gown, add in some red, blue or yellow-gold to go with the theme; or you might want to choose a fusion-style wedding dress—like a cheongsam-kebaya, or a traditional attire different from your own culture.

For the bridesmaids and best men, have them dress in the range of our National flag’s colors; maybe a hibiscus corsage for the men, and hibiscus flower bracelet/ hair ornaments for the ladies. A hibiscus bouquet will definitely complete the look.

Food for the Occasion

Complete the menu with all Malaysian cuisines and delicacies. For one having a Chinese-style banquet (where tradition requires it), you might like to have some Malaysian flavors added into the menu, or mix and match food from different cultures for a change.

Most importantly, make sure it is suitable for all guests of different cultures and beliefs. Meat such as fish and chicken will be the best for dishes.

The main spirit of the National Day is for all Malaysians, no matter culture or beliefs, to enjoy the day together, while remembering our forefather’s efforts to fight for our Independence. So, as long as all your guests are having a good time, it will be the best for a National-Day theme wedding.

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